Certified Reseller

Thank you for your interest in selling our products

Our software can be purchased with different license types:

  • Personal license (intended for personal non-commercial use on one computer)
  • Business license (intended for commercial use on one computer)
  • Site license (for use on multiple computers belonging to a company and located in a single building or several distributed structures on the client's premises)

For one-time resellers, we offer the following discounts:

  • Personal license 25%
  • Business license 25%
  • Site license 25%

If you wish to participate in a long-term partnership, our software must be featured on your site. Our products must have unique descriptions and must be linked to the product page of our site. You can use snapshots, box-shots and other related graphics taken from our site or ask us to compile an individual set of visuals for you.

We can offer the following initial discounts:

  • Personal license 50%
  • Business license 50%
  • Site license 50%

These discount terms can be revised and changed based on the reseller's efficiency and annual sales.

Our tools are delivered electronically (key code delivered to the email address specified during registration). Optionally, the software can be ordered on a CD for a small extra fee. In this case, the order will be shipped via regular mail and may be subject to country-specific customs duties and fees if shipped internationally.

Our company sells all of its products under the Try before Buy scheme. To get a better idea about a program and assess its fitness for your customers' needs, please ask them to download and evaluate its trial version. Most of our products offer full and unrestricted preview of recoverable data.

Recovery Toolbox, Inc, is a group of professional software developers offering a wide assortment of recovery tools for a number of popular applications. Apart from developing its own line of products, the team provides data recovery services to interested parties upon request. Recovery Toolbox is committed to creating user-friendly, fast and reliable software tools that efficiently solve users' problems.

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