Common Questions

Q:How to send the original file to application designers for investigation?


You can create a multi-volume archive file from the original XXXX file (for example pubs.mdf) using WinRar ( It has a free trial version. The size of each volume must be ~30-50MB. Upload all files to the service and send us links to all these files.

It is a direct link to the upload page:

You should click the Browse button and select the file to be uploaded. After that you should click the Upload button.

When it finishes uploading the file, you will get to the result page. On this page you can register your collector's account and continue uploading to the personal folder of a collector. In this case you can send me only the login and password to your collector's folder (zone) so I will be able to download your files.

Or you can click the link I don't want a collector's account right now. Just give me the download link. at the bottom of the page and you will get the link for downloading the file.

In this case, you should send me each link that you will get.